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The Clyde Walkway

Length : 35.7 miles
Duration : 2 days
Company : Stuart Lockhart, Andrew Ramsay
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I had been eying this walk up for a while. Decided to do it as part of my training for the West Highland Way. We hadn’t heard of many people completing this walk, but we had heard of it before. We had completed various sections of it separately, but since we wanted to test our equipment, and ourselves, we decided to do the whole walk.

I believe that most people start at Partick train station and walk south towards New Lanark. Since we stay rather close to New Lanark we decided to start there and then walk into town.

The whole journey is 40 miles, and we planned to do 20 miles a day with an over night stay in Strathclyde park campsite.

The walk started off well, the walk was well looked after, with lots of fantastic views………….then we ventured into the North Lanarkshire section. It wasn’t very nice. Lots of fly tipping, vandalism, and casual drunks along the walk. When entering the section behind Motherwell, the walk was tarmacked over. This wasn’t great for our feet and by the end of day one our feet were a mess.

It felt great getting to Strathclyde park, but the park seems massive after you have walked 17miles, and you need to walk the length of the loch to get top the campsite. The campsite wasn’t too bad. Toilets were clean, and that’s really all we were concerned about. We sent a friend as Asda to pick up supplies for the next day.

We woke up and attended to our feet, took plenty pain killers and dropped our luggage and tents off with a friend so we didn’t need to carry them. The start was a bit ropey, and we found it hard to stick to the path through Blantyre. Luckily we found the David Livingstone centre and we were back on track. This section of the walk was a bit up and down, one section would be stunning with great views, castles and nature, whereas other parts would be extremely urban, and run down.

Once past Cambuslang the walk goes through some industrial estates and the walk becomes a bit more annoying. All tarmac, noisy and nothing very attractive to look at. Once getting into the heart of Glasgow things started to improve. The walk held tight to the river, and we could see that these walks were well used with people that lived in the city.

We decided that we would stop at Glasgow Green, giving us a good back drop for our ending. It was perfect training for the West Highland Way, and I’m glad we completed. It is not the best walk I have ever completed, and I think If I’d to do it again I’d start at the Glasgow end and head to South Lanarkshire. The South Lanarkshire end of the walk is much more pleasant. If I’d to do it again, I’d make sure I had a pair of trainers for the tarmac sections.

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