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Glasgow PodcART – The Unwinding Hours Special

I’ve never really been into Podcast’s. I used to watch Diggnation every now and again, but audio podcast’s have never grabbed my attention. I thoroughly enjoy listening to my own choice in music, and thought of podcast’s as just another form of the boring radio stations that I have listened to in the past.

This opinion is now an old one, as this week I gave Glasgow Podcart my first listen. Even though I have heard of them supporting some of the bands I listen to in the past, and even some of my friends (bottle of evil) have been mentioned on the podcast, I have still never given it a proper chance. I’m not proud of it, I was just always too busy. Last week I noticed that Glasgow Podcart (through my facebook feed) had created a full episode based on one of my favourite bands, The Unwinding Hour’s. It’s not often they pop up in the media, so I made sure I downloaded the episode and put it straight on my phone for future listening. After listening to it yesterday I was totally impressed with what Glasgow Podcart were offering, and it was great to hear Craig B getting interviewed about his views about various aspects on music.

I’ve decided to include the Podcast that Glasgow Podcart created on this post, although I don’t want to take any of the credit away from them. So please check them out at, or check out the post that they have created for the Unwinding Hours episode

There is a fantastic video of Craig B playing acoustically in his living room, although I have decided not to include that on here, you’ll need to go to the Glasgow Podcart page to watch the video.

So’s here’s the audio. You can either stream it from my page, Glasgow Podcart’s page, or download the file. Enjoy!!

Episode 92: The Unwinding Hours Special by GlasgowPodcART

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