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Walk around the Campsies

Length : 5.7 miles
Duration : 3 hours
Company : Stuart Lockhart
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An off the cuff walk planned the night before over some beers. I was catching up with my good friend Stuart Lockhart at his flat in Glasgow the night before. We happened to have an OS map of the area, so we had a look for a good circular route that we could try out on the Sunday.

We fancied the Campsies. None of us had any experience walking there before, and we fancied going somewhere with a circular route. We spotted this route on the map and googled it for more info. Seemed to be a really popular walk with the locals, had a car park and even a bit of history. So it didn’t take us much persuading to head up there the following morning.

The walk started just outside a village called Clachan of Campsie, just next to Lennoxton. We found the car park, which didn’t take us long to get there from Stuart’s flat in Denniston. The last part of the drive was fantastic, some really nice towns and good views. Soon as we got out the country we could see that many of the locals make great use of this area as we passed plenty of people out on bikes or out for a jog.

The car park wasn’t that busy when we got there, but we could see a few people on the walk from where we were. The start of the walk was extremely steep, and it was quite hard to tell if we were on the correct path at first. I think everyone just scrambles up the first bit any old way, and only when it levels out did we find an obvious path. After the initial incline, the whole walk flattened out, and it was pretty plain sailing after that.

At the end the walk comes down to join the road, which then leads back to the car park. We attempted to stay off the road and stick close to the burn, but with the terrain being to difficult we moved back up to the road. This is when we passed Jamie Wright’s Well. More can Jamie’s Well can be found here

The path was extremely easy to follow, and the views of Glasgow were great. The weather was nice although it was very windy and wet under foot. Because of this we didn’t stop anywhere for our lunch. This worked out to our advantage as we made it back to the pub in time for the rugby starting.

This walk takes in the hills Cort-ma Law(531), Lecket Hill(547), and Lairs(518). We used OS Landranger Map 64.

This walk is a great walk for anyone who wants to experience the Campsies without doing anything too strenuous. Good views, not too hilly, and easy to navigate. Worth doing.

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