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South Laggan


Our second day walking is now over and we have arrived at the Great Glen Hostel in South Laggan. The walk has been great so far. Some stunning views, awesome people and plenty of tasty whiskies.

We’ve decide to try as many whiskies as possible throughout the week. So far we’ve already had Ben Nevis, Glencoe, Laphroig, and Macallan. Dougie doesn’t even like whisky!

Our first day was pretty easy. We only had 10 miles to walk, and it was all flat. We took our time, plenty of breaks and a nice long lunch at Neptune’s Stair Case. We arrived at the B&B around half 6 and out to Spean Bridge for dinner and drinks by 8. The restaurant we were recommend to go to was “The Old Station Restaurant”. The place was mobbed, and as we were the last people booked in we weren’t fed until after 9. This gave us plenty of time to work on what we’re calling “the whisky challenge” and when the food came it was awesome. Great finding spots like this in the middle of nowhere. After dinner the chef got the guitar out and started to entertain the guests. He was later joined by a violinist and a cellist. Brian and I then went up and played the pub a few songs. Fantastic night, hopefully go back one day.

In the morning we were all feeling a bit tired after the night before, but lucky walking is one of the best ways to fix that. We had 12 miles to walk today. Looking at the map we could tell that getting lunch would be a problem, so we decided to power through the day and get food once we arrived. We came to a fantastic boat that has been converted into a pub/restaurant. Jumped in hoping to grab some dinner and a good drink, then we seen the sign “cards not accepted”. Proper gutted! We only had £40 between all 3 of us since we got carried away the night before. So we reluctantly left and we’re currently now in the hostel having a chilled out night with some telly and basic hostel food.

Tomorrow we have an easy day. We are walking from Laggan to Fort Augustus, which is only 10 miles. According to the map there is plenty to do when we’re there, so again we’re planning on pounding it and getting there quickly. I just hope the have a bank machine so we can keep sampling some awesome whiskies!!

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