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Sooth EP – Released 2003

Sooth 1st promo

Malcy, Dave, DeeJay, Ian

Our first EP had the simple title of “Sooth”. The line up at this point was myself, Ian McDermaid, Malcolm Frew and David Frew. Our first band Dominate had finished about 6 months prior to Sooth and we weren’t too sure what to do with ourselves. We auditioned loads of singers for the new band but no one seemed to blow us away. I started to play around with lyrics for our instrumental songs at home and eventually it filtered into practice. The first song that we completed after the demise of Dominate, and the song that made us feel that we could continue on as a four-some was called “Nothing To Do”. Ironically we never recorded this song in a studio although I do believe there are some video’s of the song being preformed at the Cathouse (I’ll leave that for another post).

After a few more months we had completed a few more songs and we picked our best three and went to Chem 19 Recording studios to work with Andy Miller. At this point no one in the band had ever stepped foot in a proper recording studio. So we didn’t really know what to expect. If I remember correctly I think we had booked 3 days for tracking and a few evenings for mixing. We had heard of Andy Miller after he worked with our friends band “The Gangsters” so Chem 19 was an easy choice for us. After the EP was mixed and normalised (I don’t think we had it properly mastered) we burnt the CD’s on Malcy’s computer and ordered the inserts from a print company and we made the CD’s ourselves. I have no idea how many we made, something in the region of 150 maybe? I hope I’ve got one some where.

So here are the downloads for the songs that featured on the EP. I have uploaded them to my personal SoundCloud account, hence why it says SoothSinger. If you’d prefer to use SoundCloud to listen, download, rate, and comment the songs then you can do so here

Sooth EP

Sooth EP Artwork

1. The Italian
2. Tell Me
3. I’m On Your Side

The stand out track on the EP was obvious to our listener’s. The Italian became our most popular song almost instantly, which slightly annoyed us as it was probably the one we put the least amount of work into. All 3 of these songs were dropped as we started to write new songs although in hindsight I wish we played them a little more often than we did.

The plan was to have a music video for The Italian, and believe it or not there almost was one. We filmed all the footage, and editing had started. It was really just a video of us rehearsing mixed with clips of us partying with friends. I had to stop making the video as my hard disk in the computer was full and in those days you couldn’t just wack in a usb stick or a portable hard drive and move it onto another machine. It has now been lost and I don’t think anyone has a copy of it. Sad times.

I hope you enjoy the EP, who knows it might even bring back some memories.

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