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Beinglas to Tyndrum

Length : 13.3 miles
Duration : 6 hours (hour for lunch)
Company : Jacqueline Lockhart, Andrew Ramsay, Brian Eley, Stuart Lockhart, Lisa Hainie
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Yet again another visit to my favourite pub along the West Highland Way. Beinglas! I get slagged a lot about Beinglas as I kept talking about it during our trek along the West Highland Way to keep moral up. “Just wait till you taste the chicken pakora at Beinglas”, “We’ll get tasty whisky in Beinglas”, “Don’t worry boys, we’re almost at Beinglas”. So when Stuart suggested we go camping in the West Highlands Beinglas was an obvious choice.

Managed to get a good group together although unfortunately not everyone could make the whole weekend. Set off from Carluke on the Friday afternoon and I could tell Lisa was a bit worried about the weather. It was hammering it down in Carluke and the thought of being outside in the pouring rain for the full weekend, with little shelter, wasn’t great. While travelling to Beinglas the clouds broke apart, the blue sky appeared and the sun shone through. The rain had stopped. Perfect timing to allow us to set the tents up and get our gear in the tent before it started again.

Friday night involved a night in the pub planning our walk the next day. Four of the party have already completed the West highland Way and are well aware that one of the worst sections was the walk along the banks of Loch Lomond. They really are not that “bonnie”, don’t let the song fool you. We decided to head north to Tyndrum as we knew there are pubs there that we could celebrate the end of our hike.

This sections of the West highland Way is pretty easy in comparison to how hard it get later. The whole route is fairly flat with a few small ascents and descents. Although it is mainly flat, don’t let that put you off. There are still some fantastic views and locations along this walk. If you can help it, avoid going down into Crainlarich. It add’s another mile and a half onto your journey and after your lunch you’ll have a large hill to climb to get back on track. So pack a lunch. There is a great picnic spot just after the Crainlarich junction where you can sit.

The weather held out for most of the day with only a few showers which was actually quite pleasant at times. We arrived in Tyndrum with plenty of spare time and loaded into Paddy’s for a pint. Our friend Dave Frew had driven up from Glasgow to spend the night with us. He took Jacqueline and Lisa back to Beinglas and then Jacqueline drove back up for the rest of us.

It’s a great walk if you want to see what the West Highland Way is about without doing anything to strenuous. Although I loved the West Highland Way I do believe that it really becomes amazing from Beinglas onwards. As a group it was great walking together and we’re hoping to go up another weekend to do yet another section of the way together.

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