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This Summer has been great for some of my favourite bands releasing new music. Most have only released one track from their forthcoming album/ep to wet our tongues. Below are the tracks, enjoy. If I have missed any cracking songs then please let me know.

The Unwinding Hours – Break

This fantastic band is due to release their 2nd album this month. Their debut album, “The Unwinding Hours” is still one of my favourite albums of all time and I am confident to say that I think the boys will keep me more than happy with this album.

The preview track that has been released is called “Break” and it’s a belter. It was released on the Internet while I was on holiday so I didn’t get to hear it until recently. Much more upbeat than anything The Unwinding Hours have released before, but yet still as epic and beautiful.

Their new album is titled “Afterlives” and will be released on the 20th August.

Hear more from The Unwinding Hours on iTunes, Spotify,

Biffy Clyro – Stinging Belle

Biffy Clyro have been one of my favourite bands for the last 11 years. I have followed their music extremely closely throughout that time collecting almost everything they have ever produced. I am always excited to hear a new Biffy song. They have a habit of releasing the more bizarre/heavy tracks as the preview to their forthcoming albums. Hopefully this track is a good sign of what is to come.

The new album is called “Opposites” which is rumoured to be a double album. The preview track is titled “Stinging Belle” which will be released as a single on the 17th of September. Enjoy.

Hear more Biffy Clyro (everywhere) iTunes, Spotify, BBC Radio 1, in the background of various sports adverts,

The Darien Venture – Ho! Criminal Face

A new-ish band in the Glasgow music scene. Originally based in Ayrshire I believe. Caught them supporting Sucioperro in Ayr about a year ago and I was very impressed. I picked up a demo at the end of the night. Although the EP was good it took me a while to get into. With this band there is often a lot of things going on at once which really demands that the recording be perfect. I don’t think they managed that with their first EP, but with this EP I think they have nailed it.

I believe they were working with the same producer as Fatherson and Make Sparks in Lofi studios, and it took them a year to finish the recording process. At the moment I am unaware of how many songs they recorded or when it will be released.

Very different. Great timings, hooks, melodies, harmonies and dynamics. What more could you ask for? I am sure I seen on their facebook that they were describing their sound as Math/Pop/Rock. Even if they didn’t say that I think I’m going to say it.

This song is called “Ho! Criminal Face“. Follow them on facebook –

Sucioperro – River of Blood

This band has been writing classic songs for years. Their music goes from pop to metal and back again and by the sounds of this preview track the next album is going to be mighty heavy. I believe that for this album Sucioperro have teamed up with the guys from “The Fire And I“, a Bathgate based bass and drum (not drum and bass) duo. The preview song is called “A River of Blood‘, the new album is called “Fused” and will be out 3rd September.

I believe I better put a parental warning on both the song and the video both for language and video content. Rather than embedding the video here is a link.

River of Blood – YouTube

Hear more from Sucioperro on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube,, and

Fatherson – Gone Fission

I guess this isn’t new. It’s an old song done in a new way. The strings in this song are fantastic. I was at the Arches show when they had the string section on stage with them but to be totally honest it was very hard to make out what they were trying to do with the live mix. It is great to hear it mixed the way it was intended.

Hear more Fatherson on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube,

Churches – Lies

Yes I know I have already mentioned this song on the blog and already posted the video. But since then I found the mp3 file. Hit the play button and a download button should appear.

Churches – Lies

Enjoy this belter of a song.

Follow Churches on Facebook –

(As far as I’m aware this song has been released freely onto the Internet by the band. If anyone has issue with this song being available to download from this website please let me know)

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