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Medals – Irvine Harbour Arts Centre

Medals - Disguises

Medals – Disguises

Not only has JP Reid, once again, wow’d me with his excellent new(ish) album Medals – Disguises, but he also proved that he can be a fantastic acoustic performer.

I was lucky enough to obtain tickets for their home acoustic show in Irvine, in a venue I had never heard of before. I believe this was their 2nd ever gig as a band and my first ever gig in Irvine. To say I was blown away would be an understatement, this being one of the most enjoyable gigs I have ever attended.

Only 150 in the venue, sold out, cheap beer, great sound and very intimate performance.  Not only did the band play a fantastic set of Medals songs, but they also performed songs from JP various other bands including Marmaduke Duke, Invisibles and Sucioperro.

The event was filmed and has now been uploaded to YouTube for all to enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who put together the night, I had a great time and my girlfriend now has a new favourite album/band.

Medals will be playing T in the Park on the BBC introducing stage on the Sunday and King Tuts, Glasgow on Friday 12th September.¬†Unfortunately I can’t make any of them.

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Edit 15/07/14

Medals recently played the BBC introducing stage at T in The park this past weekend. The BBC have released a video on YouTube and iPlayer of Medals playing “I used to be a dancer”. Enjoy.

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